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Clockspring 2016 Proprietary Red Wine



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The Story

Making Wine Company is a small new wine brand which blends together the best of Napa winegrowing with the authenticity of the Sierra Foothills. Our mission is to make world-class wines from the many varietals that grow well in the Sierra Foothills, using our experience and knowledge gained from growing grapes and making wines in Napa and Sonoma.



The Zeila Mine was founded in the 1860's and was one of Amador County's most profitable gold mines, but like many things in the Sierra Foothills its' story has gone overlooked. With the inaugural release of this powerful Cabernet/Petite Sirah blend, our goal is to make sure that this region finally gets the attention it deserves. 

We love Cabernet from our experience in Napa and Sonoma, and Petite Sirah is right at home in the red dirt of the Foothills. We've selected small lots of each to create this powerhouse blend that will make a mark on your palate, and your understanding of what the Sierra Foothills can do.


The Place

 The blends do not fall within the traditional mold of varietally-designated wines, but the Sierra Foothills does not fall within the traditional mold of other appellations in California.


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